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Imagine how good your hands are gong to feel when you slide them into these Wool Fingerless Gloves lined with fleece. Go ahead and do what you need to do while keeping your hands nice and toasty. The gloves are handmade in Nepal with some of the coziest wool you will ever find, and the fleece linking helps to ensure your hands feel pampered. The gloves have a separate hole for your thumb to poke out, and so your fingers are free to type, text, write, hold a delicious chai latte... well, just about anything.

While these gloves are only available in one size (about a medium), but they are pretty stretchy, so that the gloves fit most people pretty easily. Some of them are longer than others. The shorter gloves extend just over the wrist, while the longer gloves extend about 3 inches past the wrists and up the forearm. Actually, there are a couple of styles that are even LONGER than that, so you should look at the photos and you can see how far the gloves extend up the arm.