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We feature premium Indian and Japanese incense, including Nag Champa Incese, Morning Star Incense, Feng Shui Incense, and more fragrances and incense burners from around the world. Don't forget that we also carry Tibetan incese, including Green Tara Incense, Pancha Buddha Incense, original Tara incense, and more.

We also have a selection of incense burners for you to choose from, including our Japanese style hand-crafted ceramic burners. Our unique incense burners are a great way to burn our high quality koh, Nag Champa and Indian incense sticks and cones. We have ceramic cone incense burners, and soapstone dhoop (or stick) burners as well. While you may not actually NEED a burner for your incense, having a good quality incense burner really helps. Firstly, it is MUCH easier for cleanup after you burn your sticks. Secondly, having a burner adds to the safety, since it makes it much more difficult for the incense to topple over and become a fire hazard. Finally, a good portable incense burner makes it easy for you to take your incense with you wherever you go. Just set it up when you go camping or to the beach or some other nature spot and you will be able to help set the perfect mood.