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SKU: peacock-wallets Peacock Wallets by Lavishy

Peacock Wallets by Lavishy
Purchase Peacock Wallets by Lavishy
  • SKU: peacock-wallets Peacock Wallets by Lavishy

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Do you love your wallet? If you get one of these Peacock Wallets And Check Book Holders by Lavishy, you could find yourself feeling much amore toward your pocketbook. You may find yourself making excuses just to take out and show off these wallets. Your night notice that the more you get to look at the embroidered peacock designs, the more you will admire stitched in feathers, tail and plumage of the peafowl in all its glory.

But these wallets are more than pretty pockets to stash your cash; They are durable enough to be used every day, and there are enough pockets and compartments to help keep your essentials organized. These peacocks are packing a photo ID pouch, 12 credit card slots, and a zippered coin slot that is big enough to stash your checkbook. No wonder these coin purses are one of the best selling holiday gifts we carry.

These embroidered wallets are made of vinyl, not leather, so no animals were hurt in the making of them.