Hippie Clothes With Attitude: Bohemian Clothing

Hippie Clothes are more than just Tie Dye T-shirts. Today's Bohemian Clothing has an edge and an attitude that you can't cover up with patchouli and flowers. Every flower child and gypsy momma will look great in our festival fashions, whether you are wearing handmade organic cotton dresses to see your favorite jam band, or if you rockin' flared pants in a night of ecstatic dance.

At Siamese Dream we have been selling Hippie Clothes from all over the world since 1997. We're from the San Francisco Bay Area - the home of Haight Ashbury - so you know that beatnik is in our blood. So drop out of boring clothes and tune in to these funky styles from the latest hip designers, many of them from our own backyard! Like Om Gaia Tree, and Queen Of Hearts, whose designs you've probably seen at festivals all over the world. And the ultra funky flared leg dance pants by Minerva's Antennae, a San Francisco free spirit icon. And of course, the always radical, yet peaceful, Buddhaful, whose designs are as close to free love as clothing can be.