Wind Chimes from Woodstock Percussion

Windchimes from Woodstock Percussion!

A large selection of Woodstock Wind Chimes. All our metal Windchimes Are Now On Sale!!! Our collection of tuned Windchimes is a great way to liven up any patio or garden, and now you can hear how they sound before you buy. We have a selection of Woodstock Percussion Windchimes, which are the original tuned windchimes. Each windchime is a unique musical instrument in its own right, designed to create stunning harmonies. Every windchime has a one year guarantee and a lifetime warranty on the metal parts against manufacturer defects. Once you hear the beautiful tones created by these windchimes, you will understand why they are so popular around the world. We have people from as far away as Singapore and New Zeland asking to buy these wonderful Windchimes from us.

To give you some tips on which chimes might be appropriate for you. The Chimes of Bali and the Tibetan Prayer Chimes are our best-selling windchimes. They are very rich in tone and have a very pleasant tuning. Our other most popular are the line of Feng Shui Windchimes. But even if you don't know the difference between Feng Shui and Chop Suey, these Asian inspired windchimes will simply sound fabulous and look terrific.

And if you are looking for very unique sounding windchimes, then look into either the Temple Bell Series of chimes, or the Hanging Garden Bells. These particular windchimes are made of brass, so they have a sharper tone than our other chimes, which use aluminum tubes.